What is Pornography?

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The definition of pornography according to the Encarta encyclopedia is ?written, graphic, or oral depictions of erotic subjects intended to arouse sexual excitement in the audience.? Pornography is something that has been around since the ancient Greeks. Historically many different groups, such as the church, have frowned upon pornography because pornography depicts sex as an act of pleasure and the human body a work of art. Where the church depicts sex as solely an act of procreation. In today?s complicated times however pornography is viewed by some as having extremely harmful social consequences, while others claim that it is a harmless diversion that helps relieve sexual tensions. Before I start stating facts I would like to say that this paper is about regular pornography and not child pornography. In-order to analyze pornography thoroughly we must look at three important issues: what is the correlation between pornography and the law, does pornography increase sexual violence, and what is the connections with pornography and mental health.

For the first section of the paper I am going to base my argument on the facts given by Christensen author of ?Pornography the other side.? The points that the author makes in this book are the best organized as well as being the easiest to relate to.

First of all Christensen?s main point is that pornography cannot be linked with that which is evil. If no one is able to connect pornography with evil then there should be no law against it. This argument of course does not include child pornography but rather regular pornography such as Playboy, or Penthouse. If the courts make laws to restrict or prohibit such things as pornography that can not be connected with anything evil that will hurt others then the courts are simply using their own discretion...