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.Pornography One of the largest growing businesses today is the pornography business. As of April 1, 1990, the population of the United States was 248,709,873. That same year, over 300,000,000 X-rated videos were distributed within the U.S. Since then, sales and rentals of adult videos have risen 75 percent. Now, pornography is a $13 billion industry, which is even greater than the combined annual revenues of the Coca-Cola and McDonnell Douglas Corporations. With the great advances in the Internet the pornography industry is now able to grasp much more people than before, making it one of the most widely available and easily spread resources on the Web today.

Definition of Pornography ¡°Soft Core¡± Pornography Soft-core pornography is ¡°mere nudity¡± which is protected by the First Amendment and is not prosecuted by law enforcement.

¡°Hard Core¡± Pornography Hard Core pornography is sexually explicit material depicting actual sexual activity and includes actual penetration, lewd display of genitalia and/or simulated sex acts.

It includes child pornography, group sex, incest pornography, material which presents massive amounts of mis-information or gross distortions about human sexuality, sexual activity which humiliates and degrades women and their sex role in man/woman relationships, sexual activity with animals, sexual activity that contains bondage, torture or violence.

Prosecutable Pornographic Material In the 1957 US Supreme Court¡¯s Decision in Roth vs. United States it was ruled that obscenity is not within the area of constitutionally protected speech or press. There are many other kinds of speech and expression also not protected by the US Constitution¡¯s First Amendment such as slander, libel, perjury, false advertising, conspiracy, yelling ¡°fire¡± in the crowded theater, contempt of court, copy right violations and child pornography. Also in 1969 the US Supreme Court¡¯s Decision in Stanley vs. Georgia ruled that private possession of obscenity is protected by the...