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Pornography and sexual addiction leads to the desecration of the values and morals of all people, especially when directed toward women, therefore, pornography should be banned worldwide. Pornography is a sexual behavior that is degrading and abusive to the individual or individuals who are participating voluntarily or often times forcibly. It is not a victimless crime and often leads to some kind of violent behavior such as rape, torture, and murder. Americans should be concerned with the world's moral development and ethical values for sexual arousal. Sexual arousal is a part of human nature for reproduction of mankind and animals, but sexual addiction may result when no natural bonding occurs between a male and female human. Pornographic materials are almost always a precursor to non-bonding behaviors.

"The word pornography comes the Greek words "˜porno' and "˜graphia' meaning "˜depictions of the activities of whores' (Cline 3). Although some books, art, statues, and pictures are deemed as pornography they are not obscene.

"Obscenity is a legal term which was defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1973 Miller v. California decision "¦ It is the "sick, morbid, shameful or lascivious interest in sex; depicts sexual conduct in a patently offensive manner (i.e., goes beyond contemporary community standards with regards to depictions of sexual conduct or activity); taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, and scientific value" (Cline 3).

The definition of pornography throughout the decades has been changed to "the sexually explicit subordination of women through pictures and/or words" (Strossen 552). The pornography industry is making billions of dollars off material that is sexually explicit in content: Financial rewards are so great that some of the biggest distributors of sex on film and the Internet include country's most recognized corporate names, including General Motors Corp, Echo Star Communications, AT&T...