Negative Effects of Pornography

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Pornography and pornography addiction is a major problem in the United States that is growing larger everyday. It is mostly affecting adult males, but so many women, minors and small children are being exposed and put into this graphic industry. It is causing a wide range of violent nature in men and causing pain in suffering in the women and children. It is breaking up relationships and even whole families. Not necessarily the porn itself, but the addiction it is causing from people who watch it on a daily basis and get more and more hard once they grow too used to what they have been watching or looking at. Mostly, the problem is with the men who watch it, and the women who are making it.

The porn industry makes an average annual income of about $8 billion and is overall worth $57 billion. They sell a wide range of pornographic material such as videos, magazines, books, and certain devices.

This material is relatively easy to get a hold of, no matter what the age, although most materials require you to be eighteen years of age in order to purchase. People are able to rent videos from “adult” video stores, buy “soft porn” magazines, watch sex explicit movies in theaters, and watch sex explicit movies on cable TV. In 1985, more than 100 full length films were distributed to theaters across the country and their annual box office sales reach about $50 million. Nine-hundred theaters show porn movies and about fifteen-thousand stores sell pornographic material, which out numbers the amount of McDonald’s in the country.

There are quite a few different types of material containing pornography. There are many adult magazines which mainly consist of soft porn, mostly photographs and stories. Their target audience is adult males. There are...