Pornography On The Internet

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"The invasion of pornographic computer images into the minds and memory banks of computer-literate American society will have a devastating, long-term effect upon our entire culture. Computer pornography is all illegal for viewing by minors, and much of it is illegal even for adult use; yet it is freely and easily available to Internet users""many times being accessed unintentionally." ""Dee Jensen, chairman of the board of Enough is Enough! Almost everybody realizes that pornographic web sites are out there. The sex trade is arguably the world's oldest profession and has long been one of the most profitable. Its influence has been felt within every culture since the beginning of recorded history and it should come as no surprise that the porn industry has established a strong foothold in cyberspace.

Many believe that the online porn industry operates in a niche; hidden away in a back room and visible only to those who come looking for it.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Free of the restrictions that pornographers in the print, film and paraphernalia industries face, the online pornographer has become very bold and aggressive when it comes to marketing his product. He is willing to force his message to be viewed by thousands, even millions, of unsuspecting persons, both young and old, because he knows that some of these people, perhaps only a few, will eventually become his customers. He is willing to trick you into visiting his site when you are really looking for something completely different because he knows there is a slight chance that you will like what he has to offer. And he is willing to hold you hostage when you stumble through his door because he knows that you might just give in after your first attempts at escape fail.