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Poseidon is the Greek god of water and earthquakes. He was a very strong and powerful god. His Roman name is Neptune. Like all gods, he was immortal but he did not like mortals. He was brother to Zeus, the God of the sky, and Hades, the god of the under world.

Not only was Poseidon the god of water, but he was also the god of earthquakes, too. A Greek poet by the name of Homer used several titles to describe his personality. One was Gaieochos, which means “holder of the earth,” which entitled that the ocean was all around the earth. Another word used to describe him was Enosichthon, which means “earth shaker.”Poseidon’s wife is known as the sea nymph, Amphitrite. According to myth, Amphitrite ran away from him the first time she saw him. He sent all the sea creatures to find her. Delphinus, the dolphin, found her and begged for her to marry Poseidon.

As a reward, Poseidon made Delphinus a constellation.

Poseidon, like his brother Zeus, was handsome, bearded, and fierce. Also like his brother, he was an unfaithful husband and betrayed his wife many times. Poseidon and Amphitrite had many children, the most famous is the sea god Triton, who was half man half fish, and who calmed the seas by blowing a horn made from a conch shell.

When mortals offended Poseidon, he did not forget it. He didn’t forgive them, either. One example is when the Greek hero Odysseus put a wooden stake into the eye of Poseidon’s son, the giant Cyclops Polyphemus. To get back at him, Poseidon unleashed a series of violent storms at Odysseus which almost killed him. The only reason why he survived is because the goddess Athena protected and guided him.

Poseidon and Athena were enemies...