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Course: ENG4U1 (06)

Topic: Position Paper on School Vacations

Name: Bo Ran Sun (Carol)

Teacher: Mr. K. McGuire

Date: Thursday July 10th, 2014

To change or not to change: that is the question. Even though the two tempting months of summer vacation are the prime time for relaxation, they can also be quite destructive to the educational system. Thus, the school vacation system should definitely be altered.

Although some people may be against the idea of making students endure the twelve continuous months of stress, the time spent during summer vacation is unnecessary. Knowledge retention requires a thorough initial understanding of the material and consistent repetition afterwards. With this in mind, it is logical to assume that a two-month gap will definitely cause a negative impact on the students' learning. Without constantly applying the newly learnt information to real-life scenarios, the knowledge is simply memorized, in other words, flat. It is through applications and experiences, by which a person can truly gain from the information.

Woodward, A.C. (1995) explains that the traditional nine-month school calendar was developed more than two centuries ago when it was necessary for children to help their families on the farm during the two months of summer. However, that is no longer the case in this day and age. The economy is no longer driven primarily by agriculture. With advances in modern technology, times have changed. The majority of people today live in urban areas. Therefore it is no longer necessary for students to take such a long vacation. In addition, the guidance of teachers is also extremely crucial when a student has just been introduced to a new topic. Like a young sapling, students with newly gained knowledge are bound to make mistakes. Since the altered summer school system will incorporate spread out breaks, this...