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Poverty and Crime

No shelter, food, money and clothing is what the majority of people imagine when they hear the words poverty, but this isn't always the case; poverty has many different connotations depending on the situation or circumstance. For instance, poverty could be unemployment, not having enough money for basic human needs such as housing, medical attention, or to pay financial bills, etc. Due to the lack of money and resources many individuals living in these circumstances resort to alternative ways of survival such as crime like theft, selling drugs, and violence. The irony here is that Poverty stricken communities are often the ones committing the crimes they are found victims of. In the article "A Brief Look at Poverty in America" written by Mehreen Rasheed, the author focuses on the economic status of America in the 2000's. The second article "Relationship between Poverty and Living Conditions" focuses on the conditions and hardships that people living in poverty face.

In the third article, "Symposium: Rural Versus Urban Poverty" written by Harrel R. Rodgers, Jr. and Gregory Weiher explain the difference between rural and urban poverties. In the last article, Poverty and Crime in Southern California written by Amy Y. Carney explores the connection between crime and poverty. Therefore it is evident that poverty is directly correlated to the escalating crime rates because of the poor living conditions, the unemployment rate, and not enough supervision/protection in for the poor in their neighborhoods.

Poverty seems to be directly linked to the rising crime in America. First, crime rate seems to spike depending on the living situation of an individual. For example, in the article Poverty and Crime in America the author states "that an increase in portions of the population with few resources leads to increases in family violence,