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Probably some spelling errors but other that.. Some extremeley sophisticated view points on the movie

Most likely written by some kind of nut, the film Powder is indeed strange. Powder is the story of an albilno completely hairless teenager who has the power to use an extraordinary amount of his brain capacity. Powder is the archetypal outsider.Edward Lightning Hands might be a more fitting name for all the overuse of the already worn out "Boo Radley-like misfit who is also a despised prophet" type theme. Aside from its lack of orignality it is also typically "hollywood" in it's blatant overuse of moral superlatives.

"The most advanced intellect in the history of mankind," is how one of the films many protagonistic representatives of society describes Powders eidetic memory and off the scale IQ.The writer expects the audience to view what Powder says with more credibility because he has the use of more of his brain than they do.

This is a very powerful way for the writer to communicate theme, by developing a philosophy in an attempt to affect the audience, and having powder embody that philosophy so that people will see him as some sort of role model. In general, this idea could work, but the writer of this particular film obviuosly missed the boat here.

Instead of the independence imbodied in most people, Powder belives in a unification of all humans, every single one, through some sort of single-consciousness. The idea of using Powder as a role model can work, but the audience has to view powder as being worthy. Here Powder views people, unwilling to accept the idea of a single-consciousness solely on faith, as closed-minded. This dogmatic type of view nullifies any worth powder might have had as a role model, and it dooms any...