A Praise of Aristotle's Life and Works...with a little bit of humor scattered throuought it.

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The Different Kid on the Block of History

Aristotle was a different kid. He grew up knowing he was different from all the others. When he went to school none of the kids wanted to eat their PBJ sandwiches in the presence of his company because they knew he would say something intellectual, and they wouldn't understand it. All the kids thought he was weird because he was not the usual tough beat up kid. Why is he considered so unusual if he is smart? People probably just envied his knowledge and didn't care what he said. We should be more like Aristotle and think about the ways of the world and the human mind, not become angered because we envy him. This envy would soon be proven to have gone away, and Aristotle would become the total opposite of being the hated one.

After Aristotle was born in 384 B.C.,

everyone thought that he was a an odd boy. He grew up in a Greek town named Stagiros. Aristotle's dad held a royal job, and that job was being the personal physician of the Macedonian king as well as the town physician. When Aristotle was but two years of age his father died along with Aristotle's mother. Aristotle was still bound for great wisdom, including knowledge of medicine. (Wisdom)

Fifteen years later Aristotle decided to go to a school where he could meet people like him. Aristotle went to Athens so that he could study at Plato's academy. Aristotle stayed at this school studying to an amazing extent for about 20 years. Who else gets that kind of education these days? Aristotle stayed at this academy following Plato's theories and ideas for a while, and although he admired Plato's ideas, Aristotle decided to take up some of...