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The Different Perspectives

After the Romney and Obama debate, many articles and blogs were released to sum up the results of the world wide meet. The way each report about the debate was written differ from one another based on the view and the opinions of the journalist who write them. Their personal status of either being a democrat or republican may influence what they write and how they interpreted the debate to be. Mark Barabak from the Los Angeles Times wrote what he thought about the debate and from the results I got from analyzing the speeches of the two candidates displayed many similarities and our point of view about the arguments matched well. Through the analyzing and comparing of the debate, the media's coverage and point of view has many similarities and differences to how ones own opinions and standpoints of the debate.

Analyzing the issues Barack Obama and Mitt Romney argued about during the debate and comparing my results to the reporter's analysis reflects the similarities between them.

The analysis the reporter posted was well written in my opinion because it supported the results I got after watching the two debaters trying to gain the spot of presidency. In his first paragraph he explains that both Romney and Obama differed sharply and have different plans that deal with taxes, Medicare, and the future of America. They both want to steer America into two different directions and twisting each other's words to sway the viewers to support them is just an example. The coverage of the reporter was fair and non-biased because of the lack of benefiting one debater over the other and wrote based on how debate truly turned out. He points out that "Romney was crisp and on offense most of the night." This...