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Primate Observation Bronx Zoo Origins of man are believed to be from a supernatural sprit that just "breathed"� life into out bodies and thus we became what we are. It was believe that people looked the way they do today. This was the vision that the Bible and its teachings produced to society. Society in the old days laced reason and enlightenment, but as the years progressed they leaned more and more about the human origins. In science, in order for something to happen, something else must precede it, or happen at the same time. In this paper I will observe different taxa, in attempt to understand their ethnology.

My observation of the four taxa, which I chose took me to the contained habitats of the Bronx Zoo. The containment of these animals gave me a false interpretations of the animals' true behavior but it was enough to understand how remarkably similar they are to humans today.

Though these observations were fabricated I found it very amazing how close they are relative to our physic and anatomy.

The four different species of taxa that I chose to analyze were Prosimii, Cercopithecoidea, Ceboidea, and Hominoidea. In addition to being amazed at these animals, I will integrate my personal observations with that of the factual information of these taxa from outside references. I decided to take a 3-day endeavor to the Bronx Zoo, but due to weather conditions my research was cut short by 1 day just as some real anthropologist experience.

1st Taxon Name: Mouse Lemur Family: Prosimians Genus-Species: Microcebus murinus Scientifically the Mouse Lemar belongs to the Lemuridea family. It is classified as the smallest of all primates. They weigh approximately 1.8-2.1oz. Which is about the same as a half a stick of Butter. Virtually all Mouse Lemurs are from...