Prisoners of War - Chapter 10

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I coughed a bit, not ready for the taste, and handed the drink back. "Do you want one?" She asked motioning to the cup.

I shook my head. "How about some water?" She nodded and stood up heading for the kitchen, which was to the right of the stereo, which I noticed for the first time. Looked top of the line, and in the center was a big screen TV.

"So who are you anyway?" My attention was turned back to the guy passing me the joint.

I took it and took a deep pull to quiet my mind, which was now racing after what I had just did. "Chris." I said while exhaling, and taking another small pull I passed it to the girl sitting next to me.

"Do you know Stacie well?" Someone else asked.

"We were in the same class last year." Stacie said as I thought over an answer.

She sat back down next to me and handed me a cup. I checked to make sure it was water and took a big gulp.

"So your just bringing a random stranger to my party now is that it?" A girl to my right asked jokingly.

Stacie rubbed my arm laughing. "He's not a stranger, and besides didn't you guys want to meet other quote, unquote druggies?" She made the signals for quotations with her fingers as she said that.

"Yea, I am surprised you found one in this ****ty little town." A guy said strait across from me while exhaling. "Even if it is only one more, it's nice to know you brother."

I smiled. "Not only one, his friend is stopping by in an hour." Stacie said smiling. I grinned and lay back enjoying the high that now crept up my spine. I had even...