Prisoners of War - Chapter 26

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I sighed as my cell door was open and the guard came in. The weekend had passed horribly slow, though now I was wishing it were longer as I was cuffed and led down the halls. I was now to be transferred to the federal prison, where I'd most likely miss the boredom.

"Keep up!" The guard barked at me, my legs-in fact my whole body felt weak since I couldn't eat the horrible food they gave me. I just tried to speed up my walk as my joints began to hurt from the sudden exercise after all that time just lying in the bed.

Eventually I was lead out a door into the sunshine and fresh air. I took a deep breath enjoying the few seconds from the building to the big bus with bars on the window, then was pushed into the back of the bus, and I took a seat that was empty in the back.

A few others were eventually put on the bus, but luckily no one sat next to me. A couple began to talk, but most stayed quiet and peering to the front I saw the guard close and lock the gate in the front of the bus and sat down eyeing the prisoners. I sighed again and moved over to the window, watching the scenery go by as the bus began driving.

I heard a snicker from the seat in front of me, but quickly distracted myself back to the world outside my window. The snicker came again, and I then heard who ever it was moving around in the seat, and whoever it was sneakily moved from his seat to mine, looking carefully up front so the guard wouldn't see him.

"Ralph." He said holding out his hand. I pushed away...