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(some of it still has to be corrected) Abortion has always been debated strongly; many do not even touch this subject because it's a never-ending war. Through the research and reading real stories of real woman, pro-choice seems to be the fairest concept. There are many strong arguments that support pro-choice such as: the biblical study supporting the right to choose, when a woman is raped and finds herself pregnant and also the pro-life activists main argument murder of a human being.

Many anti abortionists refer to the bible to support their disbeliefs in abortion. Most of Christian's point of view on abortion is one sided, it is outright wrong with no exceptions. There must be some very strong biblical evidence of abortion's evil, for them to believe this. But in reality they just interpret the bible as they please. For example as Christians they point to Psalm 139:13-16, which refers to God working in the womb.

Although this passage does make the point that God was particularly involved in the creation of this human being, it does not state that in the creation the fetus is indeed a person. In many other verses and chapters the bible is interpreted to support the anti-abortion belief, which is why only you as an individual you are entitled to your own beliefs and conclusion. That is why we cannot control someone else's thought and actions.

One of the worst things a women can go through is being sexually violated, even worse getting pregnant and having a constant reminder of that experience. It is a painful and traumatizing experience, some victims never get over it. Bringing into the world a child that is a product of a rape is cruel. Knowing the tragedy the victim as gone through, how fair is it to...