A Probation Officer's View of Effectiveness

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The case study referred to a local probation office department and how the community valued the department and the job in which was being done. The article published by the newspaper lead to the community seeing the probation office department was not meeting there expectations to the community or the offenders. I will be answering the following questions about the effectiveness of the probation office department:•Whose interests were served in the newspaper's evaluation of this department, and whose will be served by the proposed evaluation?•What theory or theories of effectiveness are represented in the proposed new evaluation format?•What process and outcome measures are included in the evaluation? What domain of activity do these cover? Is the meaning of the variables clear?In the newspapers evaluation of the probation department the only interest the newspaper had in mind was the public and how to make the public see how the department of probation was running.

After reviewing the article, the newspapers intentions were to make sure the public understood how they felt about the probation department and what a terrible job the department was doing to provide services to the community. The article brought a great deal of negative attention to the probation office department which in turn needs to be fixed in order to be successful throughout the community. By displaying the information in the article, the newspaper had to of known the negative affects on the probation office and in hopes there would be some sort of improvement throughout the department.

The newspaper articles lead to the evaluations within the probation department. In the proposed evaluation, the probation department will have different theories of effectiveness throughout the department. The evaluation forms propose is to make sure the probation officers are doing their job properly and providing a safe service to...