Process Identification and Analysis Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing thrives on excellence and wants to emphasize on quality. This company recognizes that it needs to satisfy loyal customers and satisfy loyal investors. Customers and investors provide the financial resources that continue to let Riordan survive and grow. A process improvement plan has been developed which includes a description of the process targeted for improvement, an as-is flow chart of the process analyzed, a description of why analyzing a process can be useful in improving quality, quality tools used to collect and present data from this type of process, an analysis of the process of variability and in conclusion, recommendations for the process improvement strategies for your selected process. Riordan wants to make sure that the level of acceptable quality needs is being accomplished.

Process Targeted for ImprovementAs a new initiative within the company, Riordan is looking for more innovative ways to do business. As a result, the Procurement Department has decided to target their procurement of raw material goods process to see if it can be streamlined and improved.

Today, it takes a Procurement Agent approximately 12 hours to process a raw material purchase order from start to finish. Procurement has mapped out the process and plans to eliminate several non-value added steps that were found within the flow. The flow starts with a purchase request coming from within the company, from any department. The request is then sent for approval, dependent on dollar value, to several different approvers. After approval, the purchase request is turned into an order where it is again routed for approvals and incorporation of any quality clarification that may be required. Once all approvals and changes have been made to the order it is submitted back to the Purchasing Agent for transmittal to the supplier. The supplier can either accept or reject...