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Process Reengineering Summary "Beyond Reengineering" is Hammer's preach of the vital importance of an organization's processes to its success. In four sections, Hammer stresses and explains the different aspects in how the organization must focus on their processes in terms of- work, management, enterprise and society. More importantly, how by tending a process-oriented approach, organizations will be able to achieve efficiency, profits and success in like.

In the first section of the book, Hammer explains the implications a process-centered organization will have on workers and how important this change is for the whole process. First, Hammer explains the basics of a process-oriented organization and why it is so important. When Hammer states that we take a process perspective in looking at organizations, it means that we do not just see individual tasks in isolation, but the entire collection of tasks that contribute to a desired outcome. Because even if all tasks were perfect, it would mean nothing if the processes putting them together is inefficient and failing.

A process is a group of tasks that together create a result of value to a customer. The importance or processes cannot be stressed enough by Hammer, and in order to guide an organization towards the process centering path, he suggested these four steps: 1. recognize and name the company's processes 2. ensure everyone in the organization is aware of these processes and their importance 3. identify the key measures by which each process is to be assessed 4. become serious about process management What this leads to is the change this new process perspective will for the people of the organization. Instead of the previous specialized tasks workers were assigned, they will be challenged with more "professional" work. Hammer calls this "professionalizing its work"- a pre-requisite transition for...