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Final Project - Professional Development Plan

Shayolonda L. Herron

Axia College of University of Phoenix


In the next five years I would like to further my education. I have always wanted to become a teacher. I would like to be that individual that a student can reflect on. In five years I should be a certified educator in my own classroom. I want to prepare students for their roles in society by ensuring that they can communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems. I would like to expand my knowledge as a teacher and learn successful teaching methods in an effort to assist my students with meaningful academic growth.

In the next ten years I hope to be considered a veteran teacher. I would like to assist a new teacher, and help him or her feel comfortable in the education field. In ten years I hope to obtain my certification as a psychologist.

With a degree in psychology I would like to be a special education counselor. All my life I have been surrounded around children. I have seen children be successful and I have seen some children choose the wrong paths in life. I would like to be the teacher that helps students see life as a reward and that it is up to them to be successful.

Self-discipline and time management skills are crucial when trying to obtain a degree. It is extremely important to use time wisely. I may have to overcome several barriers along the way. Barriers may be financial, time restraints, or lack of support from family and friends. Having the knowledge of how to overcome these barriers and having backup plans is what makes the difference between meeting goal versus abandoning the goal. If faced with any...