Progress: Good or Bad with analysis of three short stories "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury, "The waters of Babylon" by Stephen Vincent Ben

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Certainly, fifty years ago life was not as easy as it seems to be now.

Communications, technology, medicine, living standards are incredibly different

from the ones our parents and grandparents got to know. Progress is a

phenomenon that amazes us day after day and it is without hesitation a daily

concern. This is because progress without knowing what to do with the progress,

is bad.

There are many examples of progress turning out for bad. For example in 'By the

Waters of Babylon' it says, "When gods fight gods they use weapons we do not

know of. It was fire falling out of the sky and a mist that poisoned. It was the time

of the great destruction and burning" (pg 51). These weapons the story talks about

are nuclear weapons that could destroy a whole city at one shot. We should know

what to do with our knowledge. "Perhaps, in the old days, they ate knowledge too

fast" (pg 52).

This is a very valuable lesson. It speaks of what should be done with

the knowledge. We should ponder over the good and bad sides of the same object

before we try to create or enhance the same product.

Also, in "The veldt" there are other examples for progress being for the bad.

"Happylife home, which cost them $30,000 installed, the house that clothed and

fed and rocked them to sleep and played and sang and was good to them (pg 16).

This is an example of how people were wasting money for needless things. They

are also very lazy and don't seem to want to do their own work. Also people tend

to get addicted to things that make their life easier " The two children were in

hysterics. They screamed and pranced and threw things.