Promotion Strategy at Gillette

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Promotion Strategy at Gillette

Founded in 1901, Gillette is a major player in several consumer product markets. Its Duracell, Oral-B, Braun and Gillette brands all lead their respective markets (Gillette, 2004a). This paper discusses the Gillette razor brands. It discusses why Gillette invests heavily in new product development and promotion and outlines the company's product and branding strategies.

In January 2004, Gillette launched its newest razor product, a redesign of the Mach3 product called the M3Power. The M3Power razor includes slightly redesigned blades and a new cartridge design that Gillette claims will provide "a new level of glide and comfort" and a "superior shaving performance" (Gillette, 2004b). The higher-priced M3Power ultimately includes only minor changes from their existing Mach3 and Mach3Turbo product lines, but Gillette uses these improvements to add to and update their product line. In the past, the Sensor line of razors received several upgrades before more sweeping design changes in the Mach3 line.

This product repositioning illustrates that Gillette's razors are mature products, and that the company focuses on boosting sales and generating interest in the product line to avoid the effects of a decline stage.

Little has changed over the years in the way that men shave with blades. Since the advent of the disposable double-edged razor, product "innovations" have come in the form of the addition of 2, or even 3, additional blades, lubricating strips, and flexible cartridge heads. These changes have not significantly affected underlying methods or process of shaving. In 2002, Gillette released the premium-priced Mach3 Turbo Champion, a razor that was identical to its Mach3 Turbo line, but offered a bright red color.

Razor blades for shaving are one of the most mature markets in consumer products, and provide an excellent lesson in product promotion. In the past century, male shaving needs...