Promt: How can we improve the sport of wrestling?

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How can we improve the sport of wrestling?

        Wrestling is a sport, which has evolved through the millennia to become the epitome of athletic competition. Beginning with the ancient Greeks and evolving into what it has become today, wrestling has set itself apart from other sports as the champion of struggle and the true test for any man. As a sport, there is sparse that can be or needs to be improved upon. The way to improve the sport of wrestling is to attract more skilled athletes at younger ages as to produce enhanced competition. This superior competition would allow for wrestlers to compete at an incredible level.

        Superior competition needs a base at a very young age. This provides the need for incentive for children to want to become wrestlers. As one considers other sports, such as basketball or football, one may see how a child would like to become what he may see on television.

This draw to the fame and recognition of those sports may catch the attention of young children and influence their decisions over what sport to compete in. Wrestling needs a way to invest in the future by attracting adolescents now. Wrestling requires a professional league with paid contestants to entice juveniles to become wrestlers. Thankfully, "Real Pro Wrestling" has created such a league, which will hopefully take-off in its inaugural year.

        When considering the use of incentives in wrestling the question arises of whether or not the sport needs competitors who seek the fame of the fight. Those who ask this question do not see the entire spectrum of competition. While morality and responsibility are attributes required in wrestlers, the drive for recognition is not necessarily a counter-progressive aspiration. The drive for recognition would force those who wish to reach the pinnacle...