The proper use of toilet paper

Essay by lphie56 June 2006

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Toilet paper also known as lavatory paper, toilet tissue, bathroom tissue, and my personal favorite the loo roll, which is a soft and gentle tissue used to clean human fecal matter. This soft gentle tissue paper has an immense impact on our society, and the advantages of toilet paper are limitless. Not many toilet tissue users pay attention to the proper installation methods of toilet paper, they just take it for granted by throwing it all together in a matter of seconds with out realizing the proper placement of the tissue itself. The correct and effective method in having your toilet paper placed is when the edge of the roll is facing the wall and away from the toilet.

I myself stumbled on this perplexing issue one day as I noticed that my paper was easier to unravel than normal, with the slightest tug the whole roll unraveled itself all over my bathroom floor, "what a mess!" I shrieked in horror.

I took a moment to stop and think (all my great ideas come to me when I am on the toilet) I realized that the edge of the toilet paper was facing the wall which caused this toiletry toddler accident. The uncoiled pile of tissue seemed like a bed of white cabbage. I am an avid toilet paper user and I have been using tissue paper for countless years but I did not realize that you could put your toilet paper in either the front or the back position, so much for great toilet observational ideas. I said, "This can not be happening, my paper is all wrong it should not be this way!"

Now while I'm sitting here on the toilet doing my research with my laptop I stumbled across the fact that there are actually five methods...