Quality Improvement Process

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Total Quality Management Survey Paper

Tawana D. Bilal


Anita Baxter

November 29, 2007

Quality Improvement Paper

Quality improvement involves identifying discrepancies within organizational processes that may not run as effectively as possible. Many organizations find that a process is adequate for a time, but could function more effectively with some tweaking. An organization that strives for quality helps create an atmosphere based on teamwork and ensures that the entire organization will contribute to meeting the company's ultimate goals. In this paper, I will discuss the evaluation process in my own organization and address the relation of the process to the organization's strategic plan, identify who would benefit from the process improvement, identify the most appropriate quality management tool to collect and present data on the process improvement change. I will also estimate the level of improvement that could be realized and the value of implementing this process improvement. Finally, I will discuss my findings from the simulation activity and assess relevance to the process improvement project.

A process at my job that I would like to see improved is the process of employee evaluation and appraisal process. As an employee now for nearly three years, on my level I have yet to see an efficient evaluation process that also reflect an employee's salary increase or reward. In my opinion, a yearly evaluation of an employee's performance is most beneficial for the employees and the service they will provide for the company. An effective evaluation process helps manage employees, offer suggestions, and a chance to set their career goals. The evaluation of an employee should have a positive influence on each individual employee regardless of the outcome. "A major determinant of service quality centers on the people providing the service. Employee selection, training, motivation, supervision, and reward-all processes relating to...