Quantum Physics: What do we really know?

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The world of Quantum Physics is a world that is amazing and unpredictable in every way. Quantum Physics is the study of the physics of subatomic particles. The science is becoming increasingly popular around the world and striking an interest in physics for almost everyone. The amazing thing about Quantum Physics is that nothing is really as it seems so to speak, and that subatomic particles do not follow the same rules as classical physics suggests. Today, we can explore a world that acts in such a way that will make your head turn.

Who really started the idea of quantum physics? Max Planck really got the idea started when he said that energy is quantitized. Later Einstein created the photoelectric effect where he claimed that light energy came from something called photons. These ideas were considered the Old Quantum Physics.

The people that really contributed the most to Quantum Physics were Pauli, Bohr, and Schrodinger.

Pauli created the idea of a quantum spin and said that two electrons could not exist in the same quantum state. Bohr contributed to the structure of the atom and how it worked. His contributions created a building block for what the atom, proton, neutron, and electron looked like. His ideas also set a foot forward in the way atoms reacted with others and why. Schrodinger, known very well for his experiment with the cat in the box. He proposed that there were really two equal outcomes for it; the cat was either dead or alive. It may seem poposterious, but quantum physics suggests that really everything, including a cat walking through walls, can happen within a certain amount of time.

Quantum Physics really doesn't please people who believe in classical physics because it goes against their views of the universe. Eventually,