Race and Power in Othello

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How do composers use the personal to explore the notion of conflict in texts?Composers often use the personal to explore the notion of conflict to an extent. Although it is by no means the only technique used to do so, the personal is at the very heart of conflict. The use of personal accounts and stories has the power to enhance our understanding of the nature of conflict by highlighting the devastating impact it has. Conflict is not simply an argument or disagreement. It is something much deeper and harder to resolve. Many types of conflict such as ideological, physical and interpersonal exist. All conflicts begin from differences between individuals or groups, and are inevitable due to varying needs of every person. In every case, conflict makes a permanent impression on the people it affects, both the victims and the witnesses. However, it can also create a better environment; it can be the start of a new understanding and tolerance of others as well as their beliefs.

Throughout the movie Unfinished Sky by Peter Duncan, the personal plays an enormous role in the portrayal and exploration of conflict. Set during the late 20th century when war and terrorism was an ongoing debate, it shows the racism that comes from such happenings. John Worldring is presented as a solitary farmer who deliberately separates himself from society. The opening focuses on aspects such as his daily routine and clothing, emphasising John's lack of care towards his appearance and general well-being, indicating his attitude of wallowing in self-pity. The reason for his seclusion stems from the belief that he is blamed for the death of his wife, resulting in his self-inflicted punishment and inner torment. This is shown through his rugged and unshaven reflection in the mirror, which is repeated several times within...