Reading in the New World

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Christine Tyler

Professor Robertson

English 111

31 May 2014

Reading in the New World

As the development of the culture of America changes so do the opportunities provided. The world is now more technologically advanced than ever before. One area that has made a big change over the years is the way that Americans read. Just ten years ago one would go to the store and buy a newspaper to read or even have one delivered to their home but not anymore. Now it is as easy as pulling out a cell phone to get the latest copy of the daily newspaper. Many people from older generations remember growing up visiting the local library to check out books. With the new technology that is available today a person would not ever have to visit a public library to make a book selection. Having advanced technology is not always beneficial however.

There are many ways that having advancement in technology impedes on reading as well as facilitates it. Different people take different experiences out of learning so when asking the question, "is it better to read from a printed page or from a screen;" it will always depend on whom you ask.

Many people rely on reading as a means of relaxation and comfort. Some ways that technology may facilitate reading are by making it easy to access for readers because they will be able to take their electronic device anywhere they go so they will be able to read anywhere they go. Many people pull out their devices and read on their way to work. Some people even like to read poolside or at the beach and do not have to worry about sand or water ruining their reading material. One difference between reading a book and reading with an...