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Medicaid was developed in 1965 under the title 19 of the federal social security act. Medicaid is a health insurance program for individuals with low income. It was created as a joint federal state program to provide medical care and medicines to aged, disable, or blind individuals (or needy, dependent children) who could not afford the necessary medical care.

My group and I decided to spend 235 billions on Medicaid. This is a

Increase of 3.9 billions of dollars of what was spend in 2003. My team and I decided to increase the budget for the reason that there are millions of people (which includes children's, pregnant women, AIDS patient's, disable people, and low-income ppl) not receiving any type of insurance.

· One of the reasons we decided to spend this amount of money is to raise benefits, eligibility and payments to care providers.

In March 2003, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that based on proposed or recently enacted legislation, 1.7

million people would lose coverage, and many others will lose various health benefits such as prescription drugs, dental, vision, and home health care even though they remain insured. According to National Conference of state Legislature, "In 2003 almost every state legislature, cut benefits, eligibly or payment to care providers. .

To have a better image of how many people of different states where affected I have few examples:

1. In Colorado, 3,500 legal immigrants will not be cover by Medicaid. These people include children, seniors and people with disabilities.

2. In Tennessee, the state's Medicaid program, Teen fare, ended stopped coverage for nearly 200,000 people.

3. The biggest cut was from Texas. A bill was passed which led to a 240,00 children and 17,000 pregnant women without Medicaid insurance. This bill set stricter rules that made...