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Today many young people do not realize the importance of an education so dropping out of school becomes an option. Every one out of ten young adults has been known to drop out before or during their high school. There are several reasons that make young people take this step, some of which are getting poor grades, not getting along with teachers or students, or having a drug or alcohol problem, affairs, unwanted pregnancies and runaway acquaintances. The most common ones are related to family or financial issues and no interest in studies, which maybe due to interest in other areas of life like a career in arts or music and other practical jobs or businesses. But a reason exclusive of these, which is typical of children from rich and famous families, is their thinking that their parents will support their financial daily lives, thus they do not feel worried about continuing their education.

As an example, I put forth the lives of my two cousins, both school drop-outs, to emphasize on both the positive and negative effects of the topic. The brothers belonged to a financially unsound family, at a time when our country was in the post-independence stage. The first brother decided to leave his school education because he had no interest in studies and was very lazy. Though intelligent and excellent at studies, the second brother was forced to drop out of school after completing grade 10, as he was also very hardworking. So, he was asked to provide for the family and that is exactly what he did. He worked hard, set up a business and brought up the standard of the family. While today he is the most successful of all the brothers, the elder brother curses his fate as he is still without...