The Rebirth of Europe

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Renaissance: French for "rebirth," The rebirth of culture, new ideas and new learning. This word perfectly describes the changes that occurred in Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries. During the Middle Ages, Europe experienced a time with a small economic and financial growth. The society was ignorant and superstitious. During the Renaissance this all changed. The Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions. Historians say that the humanist took helped society to improve. The humanist group believed that it was possible to improve the human society. "It emphasized the dignity and worth of the individual, an emphasis that was central to Renaissance developments in many areas." (The Encarta Encyclopedia 2000) The humanists rediscovered writings on scientific matters, government, philosophy, and art. Also during the Renaissance people welcomed new ideas. There was a burst in activity and new inventions.

Paintings were done in different styles than before. It was as if the world was being born once more.

People that helped humanity in the past are considered to be Renaissance people. A Renaissance person should be opened to new ideas, knows how to improve weaknesses, Curious, interested, has human value, and takes risks. Opened to new ideas is essential, you have to be very opened minded unlike during the middle ages were most people thought nothing could be different. People that don't admit their weaknesses will never improve them. People such as Christerfer Columbus were able to expand their ideas and curiosity. Having human value is very important for a Renaissance person. During the Renaissance the society started to put the human mind and the center of the universe. They didn't care of what race you were. In order to become better and improve you have to have interest...