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August 22, 2001 To Whom It May Concern, I have known Aaron Langford for two years. I have found Aaron to have an excellent attendance record. Aaron does an excellent job of contributing to class discussion which proves he is mature beyond his years.

When he is not working in the Art Club or the Computer Club he is busy on the soccer field, golf course, and on the track. On Sundays, Aaron is busy at the Samm Shelter. During Thanksgiving, he helps with the Thanksgiving Food Drive. Aaron received the Junior Oblate Cross(Awarded for service to church and community). This is the highest award a student can receive. Aaron has helped his community in many ways. First of all, since he is a Boy Scout he helps his community with several different service projects to improve the community. He has participated in Habitat For Humanity and numerous food and clothing drives.

He was a soccer ref for Special Olympics. He has work experience at HEB and Bill Miller. He currently owns his own fencing company.

It is with pride that I recommend Aaron Langford for admittance to your university. He is a credit to St. Anthony and will be a fine addition to your student body. Aaron maintains an "A" average in challenging curriculum even though he is busy with school, church, and community activities.

Sincerely, Andrelle E. McKinsey Senior English Teacher St. Anthony Catholic High School