Red Coat

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The day break had gone down so quickly that it was nightfall already. A young woman by the name of Melusine had gone out for a walk in the city. She was quite beautiful woman and her figure was just extraordinary to those who couldn't get enough of her.

It had seemed that she was in a rush to get somewhere, probably somewhat a place out of this world, who knows.

Now, this young woman lived with her parents, and that, many of her friends didn't appreciate her because so was so beautiful.

A friend of hers called her, saying that she had this friend who could hook up with her. But it would seem that Melusine wasn't thinking straight and so, she accepted to go out with this unknown stranger. She wrote down the address on a note pad she had on desk, and dressed up casually for the night.

She then drove to the place where her friend had told her to go. Parked her car along the side of the road and got out. She started to walk along the dark footpaths which led to her destination. It had appeared that this wasn't the right place. There was no place to be but this dark and cold alley that was between two abandoned buildings. She was thinking of turning back, with no one around, this could lead to somewhat, a trap, or something of the inevitable.

With cautious she started to proceed towards the dark and misty alley.

In a dark alley could be seen before her, she didn't understand why she was here was beyond her. All she knew was a dark hunger that she felt. A hunger she had never felt before but she knew it all too well. A young man was walking toward...