Reflection of the Hanging in the Night

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Night The scene where the young child is hanged is absolutely horrific. He still seems to be alive as Eliezer walks past him. The man says "Where is god now?(61)" Eliezer says to him-self "Where is He? He is Here - He is hanging on the gallows (61)" The child has been hanging for about a half of an hour struggling for his life as Jesus also struggled after being nailed to the cross and hanging there for several hours. The child had suffered there with his brothers staring at him as Jesus with his brothers most of the apostles and his followers watching him suffer and finally die. Both of them had made a huge impact on their community. The child would never be forgotten in the eyes of Eliezer and the rest of the camp as Jesus will never be forgotten to us Catholics. It was as if the child was an example of our Lord on the cross roughly 1945 years before hand.

The young child had suffered there with his brothers as Jesus did. This sight as a young adult must have been hard to witness. This hanging was an example of exactly how evil of the German army was and how Hitler singled out the Jewish people and created a revolution of hatred to a certain group of people. This scene brought about much despair, it was very emotional. I believe it made them think that only the few will survive, the very few. From there on the Germans didn't care who they killed, they could at least put the young child quickly out of his misery with a gun but the Germans let him suffer trying his best to cling on to life but he eventually died. This was just an extremely cruel punishment for just a child. And even a punishment for his brothers is the camp with him to witness. I pray that this type of mass murder of a certain people will never happen again. If it does I believe it may be the end of existence on earth. This book and so many other books and movies have been written about the holocaust so it will never be forgotten, so it will never happen again, so that we can be a free people.