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Heroes is one of the drama series I watched on television during the summer holidays, and it can enthrall anyone who is watching it! The main characters inside the show each has a superpower: Claire Bennett is a high school cheerleader with the power of regeneration, DL Hawkins has the power to penetrate through matter, Isaac Mendez is can paint the future, Hiro Nakamura is the Japanese office worker who can bend time and travel through it, LAPD Officer Matt Parkman has the power of telepathy, Nathan Petrelli is the politician who can fly, his brother Peter is a nurse with the ability to absorb others' powers when he is near them, and Niki Sanders has super strength. Each character has their own story; one that is very deep and mesmerizes the audience, one that will actually make people care about them. Each account of the characters do not stand on their own; the people who have superpower soon meet and makes a niche for themselves to play a part in saving the world that is going to be blown up.

With no doubt, there are people on earth who crave for a superpower much; whether it's bending time or mind-reading, the number of people who yearns for such speciality is inexorable. As the brisk development of imaginative science-fiction kind of drama series booms on, more people who might have first been stolid on the idea grow much more interested in the area of special powers and supernatural strength. Imagine you can move the desk without even stirring, imagine going back in time to change history…Greedy mankind has relentless desires: taking on a super body and being so much "better" than others may be among the lot.

Although people may long to have superpowers, characters in Heroes are beleaguered by their unordinary "talent" and almost seem to want to deny its existence in their body, just like how Nathan detesting the idea of anybody knowing his ability to fly. Also, the cheerleader Claire invites a ghastly murderer because of her strength to regrow any part of her body- she's virtually immortal. Every supernatural person in the drama prepares to die and instead of assuaging worries in life, their powers have led to their troubles and worries.

Is it bad to be ordinary? Or should I put it this way - is it good to be different? Different in a sense that your body behaves differently, and you have a secret you can never share without being seen as a freak. Being ordinary may make you feel bored with life, so colourless you may not differ between you and anybody else. Yet, being so plain and ordinary never rouses any jealousy from others that may lead to calamities (who knows?), and at least you can have a life like every body else, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Being super is not just about the fame and glory. Super heroes hold an extraordinary talent, as well as responsibilities and obligations. There may be questions on why being naturally super has to make you responsible for things that are "none of their business" as well. Of course, you are never forced to do anything in your life, you always have a choice. But people who are good at mathematics become engineers, architects; people who are good at science become doctors; people who have a creative mind inherent in their brain become writers and artists. Surely, a super hero has an intended job too? The power they possess is there for a reason - to save the world, the make a difference, to save lives…Hiro Nakamura in the drama series understands his place, and does his job well. He uses his time-traveling power to fight to save lives he has seen dying before his own eyes, and tries to forestall a bomb from blowing up New York City. If you cannot brace yourselves for using your powers for the good of everyone but only for personal gain, you are not fit enough to be regarded as super. People who are avid in having a superpower should not be so naive as to think it will bring them pure excitement and convenience.

Everyone is special in their own ways. Each and every one of us has our own specific talents, it all takes a little time to find out what they really are. Superpowers do not necessarily make our lives better, it can be a lot of help as well as act as a destructive weapon, like how Peter absorbs the power from the nuclear man and nearly blows up the Big Apple. Heroes really helps you think a lot on the values of life and the meaning of being super.