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"The Day I First Rode a Go-Kart" - A past experience that has had an impact on your life.

It was a good few weeks into the summer holidays of three years ago, and I was eleven years of age. I was with my family on a vacatio ... a vacation in North Wales, situated right near the sunny beaches of a town called "Pwllheli". That summer we had rented out a wooden lodge from a dear friend of my mothers and we couldn't have been s ...

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The plains of Siberia.

never forget my motherland. I always remember the time when I was a little child. I would spend my summer holidays at my grandmother's in the Russian countryside in West Siberia. The place was surrou ... n and pure air, a noticeable change from the thick and polluted air of the outside world. The light summer breeze, coming down through the trees, feels warm upon my face and is filled with the sweet s ...

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Five paragraph summary for a book called "Jim Davis: a high seas adventure"

hire to live with him. Jim lived with his aunt and uncle above the trout stream where Jim spent his summer holidays.When Jim was twelve years old, his neighbor, Ms. Cottier and her son Hugh moved in w ...

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Information system case study essay - logistics at Biocard GMH.

research at 'Biocard GMBH' because I had an opportunity to work there on several occasions over the summer holidays. The organisation in question can be considered as a start-up. It has less than thir ... for has a very open organisational structure and open communication is encouraged. Also, during the summer I had to do exactly the same work staff did combined with additional responsibilities of a ma ...

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What does Scout learn at the end of To Kill A Mocking Bird?

seemed meaningless to her during the beginningIn the earlier stages of the book, Scout enjoyed the summer holidays playing with Jem and Dill. Their curiosity and fascination of the Radley house cause ...

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The Summer of Soundness

h the field would never end. As the morning dew soaked the bottom of my pants, I remembered the fun summers when I would awake well past dawn and go outside and play by the creek in my shorts. But it ... ying with my new toys and cousins that I hadn't seen in a year since the last annual encounter. But summer holidays were different. They were just another day to awake early to that morning dew that l ...

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Summer Terror

Chapter 1Jess slumped into her seat. It was only five minutes and twenty-five seconds till the summer holidays and she couldn't wait. She would be going to Europe in the holidays with her Dad and ... afraid that we cannot let you go on this plane.""Err, what?" Jess could not believe her ears. These summer holidays were getting stranger and stranger by the second."I am afraid that we cannot let you ...

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Comparing two articles about Physical Excercise.

to gyms more often after Christmas time when they put on weight due to excessive eating and before summer holidays because they want to look fit.(The new). The writer in The Economist, states that nu ...

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Reflection on the TV series - "Heroes"

Heroes is one of the drama series I watched on television during the summer holidays, and it can enthrall anyone who is watching it! The main characters inside the show ...

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Polish High School

igh School then? Let’s go!School in Poland start on the 1st September, after a two months-long summer holidays. It's because we break off for summer by the end of June - although have not as much ...

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ing to crash on another black Monday, when their next promotion is going to happen, and where their summer holidays are going to be. Many, many people focus on the big things, including their careers, ...

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