Comparing two articles about Physical Excercise.

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Nowadays, people are more concerned with their physical appearance. In order to get fit; people either refer to dieting, go to gymnasiums or do plastic surgeries. In the article published in 'The Economist' newspaper, the author talks about the "gym craze" which emerged out of aerobics. Aerobics was common during the 1970s and 1980s. The gym craze or "exercising" is not a completely recent concept; it was applied among the ancient Greeks and Romans. (The New) Physical exercise was also practiced during war time to set up the soldiers for the battle (The new). The gym craze, as the article in the economist explains it, indicates that people are more gym oriented. People go to gyms more often after Christmas time when they put on weight due to excessive eating and before summer holidays because they want to look fit.(The new). The writer in The Economist, states that number of gym goers greatly increased because people are seeking better health and appearance.

He also states that going to the gym is becoming a sort of a routine or a religion adopted by people who feel guilty about themselves and their nourishment system. People who believe in self-mortification and delayed-gratification also adopt this habit (The new). The article also states that the people who go to the gyms mostly want to tone up their body not to lose weight. These are affluent people who want to reach a state of perfection. On the other hand, some people go to gyms in order to obtain better health or to increase productivity. In her article in the Times (London), Candida Crewe talks about her own experience with "exercising". Crewe states more than a reason that made her hate sports and stop exercising. She states that going to gyms and exercising...