Reflections of myself as a writer

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Reflections as a Writer

Everyone isn't perfect, nor is their writing. Reflecting on what kind of writer I think I am is harder than I expected it to be. It's because I don't want writing to have to do with my future career. I don't plan on becoming a journalist. I am just an average writer. When I write papers, I don't try to exceed the standard of writing more than the required length, simply because I don't want to. In high school, it seemed that the teachers were more concerned about the length of the essay, rather than the content that it held. Students would ramble on and on to make their paper as long as they could because they knew that they would get a good grade. I on the other hand would just write enough to finish the assignment.

I do enjoy writing, don't get me wrong.

I like the idea of putting my thoughts on paper rather than saying them out loud. If you write something on paper, and it doesn't sound correct, you can erase it, and fix what you wrote. If you say something out loud, and it doesn't sound right, you can't take back what you said. You can re-tell it, but you can't erase it. There are some things that I can improve in my writing, but if I find the mistakes, I fix them. Sometimes when I write, I have to keep reading what I have already written, because I tend to get off the subject often. This often happens when I write about subjects that do not interest me. If I could improve anything about my writing, it would be not to get off the subject that I am writing about.

Writing is always there, staring at you in your...