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Coming out of high school into a college where you have no idea what you are getting into is tough for everyone. Everyone expects college to be fun and hard at the same time. The fun part of college is making new friends and hanging out with different people and just experiencing new things. Not having you parents around to tell you what to do is another plus. But once the work has begun, it does not get fun anymore. Even though hard work is tough, the experience you get from learning is a much better plus.

When I choose to be put into this Accelerated English class I did not really know what I got myself into. I knew there was going to be lots of writing and other tasks to do. This class can move you further or just break you. There are only two options: passing with a B or higher and you would not have to take English 114 or failing and just getting kick out of the whole institution.

For me I was doing really well in the beginning and then it was getting harder and harder. Coming straight out of high school, I thought I knew what it took to write a decent paper, but I was just wrong. I'm not sure if it is just my high school that does not prepare you or it could be all high schools.

This class taught me many things to know about writing papers. From writing thesis' and topic sentences to actually structuring an entire paper. The first time I wrote a paper in the class, I was not sure how to write a paper, so many of the students received no credit on their paper and fortunately I received a passing grade. The...