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Naiomi Brereton

Community Learning

Reflective Essay #1

Introduction to and expectation of the course and placement:

Community Learning and my placement relates to my thoughts about what I would like to study at Old Westbury and my future career plans. Community Learning is a community-based learning and action course that challenges students to be engaged with the participation and reflection upon civic engagement activities. I am currently majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. I have career aspirations of being a doctor, particularly an OB/GYN or pediatrician. I believe that this course will help me further my potential to gain knowledge about the troublesome questions facing our society as well as our community ambience. I feel that community learning will challenge my ability to cope and adjust to these big questions facing our world. My placement was AHRC, mainly because I stood behind the mission of this organization. "The mission of AHRC is to advocate, teach and assist children and adults with developmental disabilities to make life choices, exercise independence and develop responsibility."

I believe that these are crucial components that encourage one to fulfill future career aspirations and becoming a productive member of the community. The strengths that I bring to my college and to my placement is that I am a team player, hardworking, and organized. The qualities that I bring are that I am responsible, problem- solver, and optimism. My experiences that I bring are that I am a person who has dealt with uncooperative people; flexibility is usually the solution and I like to take charge. My leadership skills are what make me the person I am because I know exactly how to get the job done. I have learned many things about myself such as my values, listening i.q. and my response to conflict.