Refutation to a Bias suggestion about Gods non-existance

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Refutation to a bias Suggestion

'Some people suggest that the Bible, being a collection of texts written long ago by persons much different from ourselves, does not have much (or any) significance for modern people.'

The suggestion that the Bible is invalid simply due to its authors and era is absurd and bias. This statement is supported by God and all modern day believers. Almost any Christian you confront with this statement would most likely give you a blank stare. However, it is mainly non- Christians who would make such a slanted view of the Bible.

I am an American. The authors of the Bible were not. Why should this influence my opinion in the least amount? Simply because the texts of the Bible are old does not void their validity. Although we may not share the same nationality with the authors of the Bible, we do share common beliefs and faiths.

Taken from a different perspective, non-Christians do not share the same beliefs, obviously, or they would not make such statements.

Another question one may ask themselves is exactly how different are the authors of the Biblical texts from ourselves. Is it their lifestyle or career that makes them so exotic in relation to us? Is it just because they spoke another language? They are children of God, just as we are. Science today is still discovering new evidence that proves the existence of a 'mother of all humanity.' We all share a common gene pool, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

Since the beginning of recorded history, religion has had a profound impact on the present society. Romans, Greeks, Hindus, and Catholics have all molded their societies and laws around religion. As far as impact goes, look at the Spanish Inquisition. It is difficult for...