The Relationships Between Cost Management and Quality Management

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The Relationships Between Cost Management and Quality Management

The relationships between cost management and quality management are an interesting one. Everyone in this world is a consumer of some sort. We all buy things and we all want only the best products for the best price. But, where is the line to be drawn for how much do we pay for quality? Most competitive companies have goals to put out the best product for the best price. They have many different slogans such as "quality is #1" or "customer service is #1." But how much should a company spend on quality before it starts to cut into profit.

Quality Management

Quality management is one of the hardest jobs of a manager to control. The goal behind good quality management is improving business processes, optimizing the performance of your business, and maximizing profitability. By definition, quality is a degree of excellence, superiority in kind.

(Mish p. 963) And management is defined as the conducting or supervising of something. (Mish p. 722) This leads us to the definition of quality management being the supervising of a degree of excellence. Most companies aim to achieve a certain degree of excellence without going over budget. Many managers out there feel that being overly intricate in their quality inspections is a good way to be a manager. However, after the first few times an employee has completed the same task there should be an understanding by the employee as how to handle their job correctly. If a manager becomes too involved in the processes in production, they begin to lose their management appeal and start to become a production employee. Many companies, such as the producer of tiny microchips, Sawtek in Orlando, FL, have a specific position for quality checks. Once the product is at...