Religion And Prayer In Schools

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Religion and Prayer in Schools Essay If you take a look back to the days of the late 40s and early 50s, you will find that in America's classrooms before the school bell rang children and teachers would be praying in our nation's schools. You will find that most of those children were happy go lucky kids, and that when prayer started their day, it was usually a good one. Now journey back to the present day. Look at kids before school. What are they doing? Most kids are chatting in a casual conversation with some of their friends, while others may be catching up on homework or even sleeping. Walk with them to their first period classroom and you wont find anyone saying a prayer or asking God for a good's illegal. Even the mention of religion is a touchy subject in our schools today.

Our Congress decided a couple of years ago that because of all the differences of opinions in the religious circle that makes up our world, talking about religion in schools seemed inappropreate and was made to be against the law.

They believed that because of those who might not believe in God, they would be offended by mentioning of His name. Truly though, do you believe that it is wrong to talk about something so important as religion? Something so important as prayer? Nowadays they have "30 seconds of silence" in place of Morning Prayer. Truthfully ask any kid going to a high school these days what that "30 seconds" are for and they couldn't tell you. Is 30 seconds even long enough to pray? When you pray at night, doesn't it usually take longer than that? It just doesn't make any sense. If Congress would only look at what a...