Religion And Truth

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Religion and Truth Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya was a great book to read. Not only was it interesting, the book made me want to keep reading. Bless Me Ultima was mainly about a family living in New Mexico experiencing a rocky journey through life. Ultima, who is skilled with magic and enjoys the life of the outdoors, moves in with Antonio, his brother Florence, and the rest of his family. From then on Ultima teaches Antonio what she thinks of life. One topic that was brought up in the story is that not one religion represents all truth.

One of the main arguments in Bless Me Ultima was about religion. Basically, Antonio believed in God while Florence didn't. They were both brought up with different beliefs. Florence does have reasons to think that God has sinned against him. "I say God has sinned against me because he took my father and mother from me when I most needed them, and he made my sisters whores- He has punished all of us without just cause, Tony" Florence was angry because God is supposed to be able to make anything possible.

He makes all decisions and its known that God makes prayers come true. Well, in Florence's case, that doesn't happen, Antonio was the opposite, he thought God was the best. Antonio thinks that you should look up to God and always love him. He was very interested in the catholic religion. Church amused Antonio. The spirits of the church made him feel closer to Jesus.

Antonio's feelings changed as he talked to Florence. Florence speaking about religion made Tony think differently. Antonio started thinking from a different point of view. Tony began to realize that God wasn't perfect. Whenever Antonio prayed to God, his prayers didn't...