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Simmon Say

The Simmon say is conducted by Muhamad Nasyat bin Muhamad Nasir. The activity is conducted to grab the attention for the next games. The activity is taken for 5 minutes. The objective of the game is to train the participants to focus on the action shown by the conductor.

Passing balloon

The game is conducted by the activities group members. The game is taken for 10 minutes. The game is conducted on purpose of train the participants to control the balloon from fall down. The game is divided into nine groups.

Benefit and outcome from the activities

The activities are conducted to train the participant on illustrate their creativity and ability to create their self esteem. All the activities can build the confidence level on presenting their cognitive ability via game "create future home". Due to the game, the participant can have the ability to increase the performance of the communication skill.

The game gives the participant on team building in creating their world.

Other than that, the "monster eater" activity creates the team spirit in a group because the members give the support to the other members. The game also gives the courageous to the member to eat the different types of eggs. The "haunted box" game gives the confident level to the participants. The game is required the participant to guess the ingredients in the boxes.

The game "passing balloon" game the participants have to pass the balloon from the front to the back. The participants also have to pass it back from back to front. The outcome from the activity is the participants build the team spirit activity because the teams have to participate the game well. From the overall activities, the participants will encourage the self esteem performance.