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In human brains throughout time, it is commonly known that people view themselves as innocent rather than guilty in times of trouble. They would rather place the blame on someone else rather than admit to their own wrongdoings for it makes them feel less about themselves. People would rather view themselves as high and mighty rather than put themselves in the same echelon as liars and cheats. Although we are inclined to view ourselves as not having faults, we must see past the veil and realize that no one is faultless and it is possible to be the cause of something horrific happening.

Throughout time, it has been a common misdoing of ours to find blame with someone else. Instead of realizing that perhaps it was your own self that should be the receiver of the jeers and discrimination, people make others act as a scapegoat for their own wrongdoings.

Rather than putting yourself down to the same echelon as the liars and the cheats, people find someone else to act as their proxy in their stead. The people who are blamed though receive the stone-faced looks for an act of malevolence that had nothing to do with them. Although at times this is not done voluntarily and rather subconsciously, it still is a major fault in our species. In the Ancient times, people would come up with greater beings to find fault in. Rather than face the fact that something could e in their power to change, they would rather sit back and let the events unfold with the attitude that it is not in their power to change anything. With attitudes such as this appearing all over the globe, we would never advance ourselves.