Research proposal : Should Purchasing skin care products by men affects their self-esteem or the need of personal hygiene

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Skin care products refer to all products used for cleansing, massaging, moisturizing, etc. of the skin especially the face or hands. The aim of such products is to maintain the body in good condition and protect it from the harmful effects of the environment. Skin care products also fall into the general category of cosmetics. Skin care products include cleanness facial masks, toners, moisturizers, sunscreen, tanning and sets lotions, skin lightness, serums and exfoliants.

In our country, skin care products is one of needs both men and women because of the technology, science, economy and education. Men and women have their better understanding of different life styles. Because of the survey about purchasing power of a consumer and what is trend in the market. People become more conscious about proper hygiene and beauty. It also affects the rapid growth in beauty care industry, especially in this decade.

There's a lot of company want to produce skin care products, even there is intensive competition in skin care or beauty care product in the market, but still most of them wants to invest in the market in order to respond for the high demand of skin care products available in the market.

Most of people would like to be beautiful, healthy and good looking. The global world we are living in sets stereotypes that become models. Models are presented widespread all around us in daily life such as on television, commercials, magazines, billboard and also in the fashion shows. There is a normal fact that must people want to look like models. Men and women are alike, a smooth and light skin with an ideal body shape for a wonderful life.

The desire and trends are growing for the beauty care market; beauty care...