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What is Responsibility? Responsibility is a skill that you must learn and respect. It's a trait that you have to work to earn and try hard to keep. If you do not keep up on your responsibilities, you could get in a lot of trouble. When you are younger, you yearn to have responsibility, just to make yourself feel older. When you are a teenager, you despise having it most of the time because it means working hard, and doing what you are supposed to be doing.

And when you are an adult, you have become accustomed to having it, and everything else that comes along with it, and you also know how to take care of it because you have had it for so long. It is the way of life that many people these days are forgetting how to live. When you are a child, your parents stress the fact that you learn responsibility as soon as possible.

They do so by teaching you to tell them what you want, need, like, see, etc.

The most important times in your life to be responsible are actually the whole thing. There is no time and no reasoning to not be responsible, even though many people are not. When you are in school, learning what you need for the future, some of your responsibilities are that you must do your homework, go to class, pay attention, and respect others and their belongings, and bring your materials, these are all some of your responsibilities. Along with saying no to peer pressure, doing what you are told, and taking care of your business.

When you are an adult, you gain even more responsibilities, such as work, family, bills, etc. It is important to keep up on them or you...