Restaurant SWOT Analysis

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Strengths·Offers new type menu not available in the area·Huge selection of menu items to choose from·Prices are cheaper than competitors·Customer service is high·Small overhead·Menu FlexibilityWeaknesses·Restaurant is not established and new - no market presence or reputation·Cash flow issues in early stagesOpportunities·Food conscious - healthier choices·Working with local farmers to supply organics products· Little competition in marketThreats·Operating costs·High turnover rates for employees·Changing customer demands·Perception of productTrends·Healthy, organic foodIntroductionA restaurant owner who fails to plan plans to fail. Most restaurants will succeed, provided that their owners are determined, stubborn, and willing to take control of those variables that can be controlled. Changes in markets, competition, products, and customer perceptions are inevitable. Restaurants that can adapt to such changes because of foresight and careful planning will profit. A written business plan is helpful in so many ways that the time and effort to write and update it are trifling in comparison to the benefits it gives.

ConceptOrganics is a unique concept. It will very easily fit into the marketplace. This health conscious concept is very desirable. Organics Salad and Sandwich Shop will be a low priced restaurant, featuring prompt service in a relaxing atmosphere.

LocationThe location selected is in the heart of a major University and downtown corporate area. The location is accessible to the target market. It has visibility from the street, large parking area, and room for expansion. Without a good location most new businesses are doomed from the start.

CompetitorsWe have identified several competitors in the area and have begun to collect data on them. We have set up competitor files that house everything from their advertising, promotions, and as much about their financial dealings as possible. We will keep these files up to date and periodically review them. It is important to know more about the competition than...