Returning Home.

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I have been many places so far in my life and I intend to travel to many more, but there will always be one place that I could never leave behind and will forever stay with me, my home. I do get that itch that everyone has when they hit the age of adulthood. It's so satisfying knowing that soon I will be free of any authority my parents have over me and finally be on my own with no one to answer to but myself. I do get that itch, but then again there is, like they say "no place like home."

There is no other place in the world that can compare to home. No matter where I go to or however long I'm gone, coming home is always the best part of the trip. Recently a few friends and I went camping in Arkansas for a week.

It was a blast we caught tons of fish and made a few friends with the locals. My favorite part would have to be hanging around the campfire exchanging stories with nothing but the fire and the bellowing sound of each others laughter to keep us warm from the hollow night. We had complete freedom to be as loud as we wanted and to do what we wanted. Sadly the week had to end and it was time to go home. We drove all night to get back. I didn't realize how much I had missed home until we hit the border of Minnesota. Just as we crossed over the border I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise. It was as if somebody knew we were back and sent the sun to welcome us. I could finally breathe a warm sigh of relief, I was home.

Every boy dreams of...