Review of the Filipino sitcom "Kool Ka Lang"

Essay by jeiro86 March 2003

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"Kool Ka Lang"

What can be a more potent source of humor than sex? And who can resist those naughty one-liners every now and then? "Kool ka Lang" is certainly one sitcom that never lacks such perversity. "Kool ka Lang," which airs at around 9:20 pm every Tuesday on GMA7, is a show that revolves around the funny and unusual people of Baranggay Dagat-dagatan. Though it is far from being brilliant and the intelligent wit in shows such as "Will & Grace" or "Friends" is usually absent, it still does what comedy shows are supposed to do: make us laugh.

From the names of the characters alone, one can already guess that the show is nothing more than a hotpot of sex and mischief. Or if you haven't noticed, you can use the characters' names (Mags, Nadya, Gina) in conjunction with the name of the main character (Jack) and the title of the show to reveal lewd statements.

Even the opening jingle contains suggestive lines such as "ang masikip ay luluwag."

The show chronicles a life in the low-class neighborhood of Dagat-dagatan. Jack, played by Raymart Santiago, always ends up with a dilemma together with the neighborhood "kantoboys:" Mags, Long and Dagul (played by Joey Marquez, Long Mejia and Isko Salvador respectively). And in this sticky situations, Jack's poor girlfriend Gina (played by LJ Moreno), always gets her share of the mess. Usually the culprit happens to be the episode's guest star, typically played by a sexy star or a "dirty old man" type actor.

Admittedly, the plot is more often that not too simple. I mean, even elementary students could come up with those storylines. In one episode, the antagonist uses a sleeping formula to break havoc in Baranggay Dagat-dagatan. And while the whole neighborhood is sleeping,